The last time I was at Watkins Glen was twenty years ago.  I was a teenager crewing on my father’s car during the IMSA race.  A lot has changes since then, at it was a blast returning to the track.  The Raceworks team got up to speed pretty quickly, qualifying the car right up towards the front in my very first session on the track.

Race #1 was rampant with cautions.  By the end I was lapping quicker than the leader, though I was a few hundred yards behind him due to some horribly orchestrated re-starts.  Still, a second place finish felt just fine - knowing i’d have another shot on Sunday.

Race #2 started of almost as insanely as Race #1.  I was able to put the car on pole, but  I got stuck behind a Formula Atlantic in the chicane and lost first place.  After a couple laps I was able to use the draft for the lead.  I had to seal the deal with a dive-bomb braking maneuver, which made me overshoot the chicane.  My competitor tried to use this mistake to get back around me, but unfortunately (for him) he drove into the back of me.  With his wing damaged, he fell back into the pack.  I spent the rest of the race staring in my rear view mirror hoping no one would catch me.  They didn’t and I won, with my team mate Sam Lockwood in second place.  Tremendous weekend!!!