The June Sprints is a part of SCCA’s famed “Triple-Crown”.  It’s easily one of the largest races of the year, attracting some of the fastest drivers in the country.  The Raceworks Team qualified their cars seventh and eighth on the grid in the thirty-five car field.  The race was unfortunately red-flagged before the cars ever reached turn one due to a wild tumble down the front straightaway courtesy of Doug Peterson (clearly not Doug’s fault, as you’ll see by the video).

Sam Lockwood suffered a bit of damage during Doug’s wreck, but Beau charged on, passing Carson Weeder for fourth place at the start finish line by a margin of 0.040 seconds!!   

Go onboard with Doug Peterson at the start of the 2012 June Sprints at Road America as he gets pinched against the front straightaway and rolls the car at 100mph. Five competitors caught the shunt on tape - Carson Weeder, Beau Borders, Sam Lockwood, Robert Noell, and Steve Jenks.