Broken gearbox, randomly disintegrating body panels, mysterious ignition failures...  these are just a few of the gremlins that plagued us at Sebring in our first race of the 2012 season.

There were two races that weekend, the first of which was supposed to be started from second on the grid.  When the five minute warning was given before the start of the race, the car just randomly shut itself off.  In a frenzy, the team tore into the motor to fix the problem.  They got the car running again just in time for me to zip out on the track and catch up to the field on the pace lap (starting last, sadly).  The green flag flew and I began to tear through the back-markers.  Once the car got up to triple-digit speeds, the wind grabbed at my entire engine cover - which hadn’t been fastened down properly.  It ripped half way off and laid itself over my right rear tire, shaving it down in a cloud of smoke.  The tire didn’t go flat right away, so I was able to nurse it for most of the race while clicking off some decent laps.  I caught up to the leaders and got the car in first place, but alas the tire started to give out on me.  With one lap to go, it finally blew and I parked it off the track and watched the field fly on by...

Race #2 was equally maddening, with the same ignition gremlin biting me right before the race started.  This time I had to start the race from pit lane, without a warmup lap.  Once the race began, the car performed flawlessly and I was able to carve through the field and put the car in the lead, taking the win.  It helped that all my major competition either crashed or broke, but hey - that’s racing!!!!