The USTCC races at Sonoma were bittersweet for Life’s Good Racing, mainly due to a devistating first lap crash that took out Michael Whelden and his Mitsubishi.  Michael hobbled away mostly unharmed, and the race was effectively cancelled.  Points were awarded according to qualifying position, which wasn’t ideal for me.  Our qualifying session was an absolute traffic jam with nearly eighty cars on track.  A driver spun and hit the wall in front of me, and my only quick lap was still hindered by slower cars.  We had to settle on fifth place points.  It was a shame, because I fought my way up to second place before the race was re-flagged.  Not ideal for the championship, but we still maintained the lead.


The next event weekend was back at Sonoma, and this time we actually got to run a race.  Again I climbed from fifth to second place at the beginning of the race, but dropped back to third after a few laps.  I spent most of the race with my two teammates on my heels, and got passed on the last lap by Justin Crick in an identical - albiet much lighter - M3.  He passed me fair and square, and I had to settle on a fourth place result.  It’s good enough to hold the points lead for the last event, but we’re going to have to fight to stay out front.